Friday, May 20, 2011

# Manoj,Diamond and other old comics for sell/Exchange.

Friends i am having  Manoj,Diamond and other comics for exchange/sell purpose.Kindly go through these album to view there cover images by clicking the below given links.
Album 1
Album 2

Interested person can contact me at or by leaving their comments here only.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

# Manoj Comics for Swap/Trade

Friends here are some of the Manoj Comics with me which i intend to swap/trade/exchange.I can take Indrajal/Manoj Chitra Katha/Diamond Comics(selected ones)/Dolton Comics/Star Comics or any other comics which i am missing.I can also take magazines such as Illustrated Weekly of India,Dharamyug,Saptahik Hindustan,
Let me know about any comic/magazine which you are having and wish to exchange with these MCs.

Interested comic lovers/collectors may please contact via comments or my mail id( for further proceedings.The scans posted below are of original comics without any cleaning or enhancing effect.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

# Comic For Swap/Trade/Exchange

Hi friends.This is very first post of Comic Market,a place where you can trade/swap and exchange your duplicate and non-required comics with other comic lovers and collectors.
You can make or put your offer for your required or spare and non-required comics,you can dispose off your non-required comics or spares by selling also but please keep in mind not to quote exorbitant and unreasonable price as this blog doesn't intend to serve as a platform for commercial comic sellers.The very motive of this blog is to get helped by other comic lovers/collectors by helping them so that all of us can complete and increase collection of our missing comics.

Taking initiative,i offer the following comics for swap/exchange and trade purpose only.I can take any of my missing comic(s) from Indrajal,Star Comics,Deewana,Manoj Chitra Katha,Dolton comics,Chandamama and other comics.Interested comic lovers can discuss/negotiate via mail( or comments itself.

1.Chandamama(Language:English,Issue:September 1990)

2.Amar Chitra Katha(Lang:Hindi,Issue No.270,15th Sept.1982)

3.Following issues of Indrajal Comics are available:
(Scans can be provided on demand)

4.Richie Rich(Publication:Harvey World,Publication year:1979-80)
Top one consists of 7 Richie Rich comics and bottom one consists of 8 RR comics binded together.

Much-much more comic offers are bound to come from my side after i find a encouraging,positive and satisfying response from other comic lovers/collectors.